Letter to the tourists 

Greeting to our visitors 

Be happy.” With this saying I welcome you to the lands of our Bishopric of Girona.
I am convinced that those of you who are visiting us for a few days or a longer time also wish to “be happy” and experience what you hoped to nd when you chose these places to spend a few days of rest and visit them, even with the added presence of the su ering caused by the pandemic. Like everyone else, you surely need a few days of sun, air, sea and mountains after these months of con ne- ment. 

Welcome to you all. You can be sure that you will be warmly recei- ved, and you will feel at home.
Walking through towns, villages and cities, you will notice that churches and their bell towers stand out everywhere. They are an external manifestation of our Catholic Christian communities who make their way in this land of the Bishopric of Girona. 

Resting, enjoying nature and feeling free from the demands of the clock will certainly help you to enjoy these days happily. But it is also particularly important to enjoy peace, serenity, warmth, silen- ce and contemplation of works of art. That is why we need moments to internalise, to re ect and - if you are a believer - also to pray and celebrate the faith. 

I invite you all to visit our churches, and to those of you who share the same faith, I especially invite you to participate in the celebrations wherever you are staying or visiting. You will always be warmly received, as a sign of the brotherhood that unites us. 

I just ask you to remember those who work to serve you during this time, and to show great respect for nature and the resources common to all citizens.
With my a ection and my blessing. 

✠ Francesc Pardo i Artigas, Bishop of Girona