In year 1507 the works of construction of the current temple of Sant Martí d'Empúries started, as the preserved inscription in the frontispiece of the current parish temple shows it. The place that occupies the kernel of Sant Martí d'Empúries was chosen, in the century VI aC, by the foceus Greeks for setting up the Greek cologne of Emporion. Later, this kernel was part of the roman city of Emporiae, the headquarters of the tardoromà bishopric was from Empúries (centuries IV-VIII) and the asset of the mediaeval county was from the same name until the transfer from the capitality in Castelló D'empúries (centuries VIII-XI). A place, then, loaded of history in what the current church of Sant Martí is part of the rich architectural and historical patrimony of the urban kernel and it constitutes one of its main elements of identity.


Program of activities

On the occasion of 500 years of the beginning of the construction of the church, the Parish of Sant Martí d'Empúries, the Town Council of l'Escala and the Museum of Archeology of Catalunya-Empúries have organized this program of activities in order to commemorate it all together.

We invite you, then, to participating in it.


Saturday, on day 10 of November of 2007

At 7 of the afternoon, in the church of Sant Martí d'Empúries, inauguration of the exhibition "The Christianity in Empúries: of the origins in the current church".


Champagne glass.

At 9 of the evening, in the church, clássica concert of music in charge of the Choral Society of l'Empordà with Lluís Albert in the organ, under the direction of Cloti Miró. It organizes: Pau Casals association.


Sunday, on day 11 of November of 2007

In 2/4 of 12, inauguration of the mural picture given by the painter Lluís Roura.

Next, blessing of the new image of the Boy Jesús de la Mare of Déu de Gràcia, work of the sculptor Dolors Garrido.

In 12, Solemn Profession presided over by the Bishop of Girona, Carles Soler Perdigó with accompaniment of the "Ponent" Choir.

Première of the Pleasures of Sant Martí.

Next, concert in charge of the Choir "Ponent" (with exsingers of the Choir Sant Jordi).

In 2/4 of 3, popular lunch in the Mesón del Conde. It is necessary to Information and to Tourism of l'Escala to acquire the ticket before the 7th November. Price: 25 €.

At 4 of the afternoon, in the post of the church, sardanas with The Main one of l'Escala. Première of the sardana "Sant Martí, 500 years", of Lluís Albert. It organizes: Agrupació Escalenca l'Avi Xaxu.


Friday, 23 November of 2007

At 8 of the evening, in church, lecture "The ancient Christianity in Empúries. Of the origins in the 16th century", in charge of Dr. Narcís M. Amich.


Thursday, 29 November of 2007

At 8 of the evening, in the church, lecture "Of the catacombes in the primitive church: the first Christians", in charge of Dr. Philippe Pergola del Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana.


Friday, 14 December of 2007

At 8 of the evening, in the church, lecture "The iconography of the first Christians", in charge of Dr. Josep M. Nolla de la Universitat of Girona.


Sunday, 30 December of 2007

In 2/4 of 1, after the religious celebration, concert of traditional songs of Christmas, for Josep Tero.


Sunday, 13 January of 2008

In 2/4 of 12, in the church, lecture "The ancient and current Christian communities", in charge of Dr. Jaume Angelats de la Facultat of Theology of Catalonia.

Next, Solemn Profession with accompaniment of the Choir Vergelitana. Next, the Choir will offer a concert.



"The Christianity in Empúries: of the origins in the current church"

This exhibition allows to know the historical and archeologic context of the primitive emporità Christianity, from its origins until the period of the construction of the current temple of Sant Martí. Also it makes a review to the history of the temple and of the parish of Sant Martí d'Empúries from the beginnings of the 16th century until our days.

The different panels of the sample show the most significant elements of the ancient Christians of unedited Empúries, of the current building of Sant Martí and datum, until now, of the history of the parish. The exhibition is complemented with the edition of a catalog and with the four lectures being related with the history of the Christianity and Empúries.

Place: Church of Sant Martí d'Empúries (l'Escala-Empúries)

Dates: Of the 10th November of 2007 in the 13th January of 2008

Schedule of the exhibition: Saturdays and Sundays of 10 at 2 of the afternoon.